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Roei Zoar a.k.a Brainheart, is an independent music producer, songwriter, and DJ.
Exposed to classical music at the age of four, Brainheart was inspired to play piano at fifteen without knowing DJing and music production would influence his life ever since.
Having struggled in the school system, music started as a way to distract himself from school struggles but quickly became much more than that.
His electronic creations know no bounds from EDM to cinematic, acoustic, and pop productions, Brainheart does it all.
His peculiar blend of EDM and other genres creates a captivating aura that listeners can’t get enough of.

Brainheart manages to connect both components despite the fact that far too often our brains and hearts are on completely different pages.
Brainheart debuted in 2019 with ‘Explore the World’, a powerful and emotional anthem sung by his sister.

To global surprise, the track went on to be a massive success, gaining millions of streams on Spotify alone and going viral by soundtracking more than 1,000,000+ reels on Instagram, one of the most successful and viral independent songs on Instagram.

With a debut of that magnitude, it is easy to predict a bright career for Brainheart. Brainheart is not just a brilliant EDM producer; he can offer raw, poignant acoustic versions of his songs and still rock!
His versatility and tone are something that can’t be taught.
It is also easy to understand what connects his music to so many people.
Relatable songwriting, introspective melodies, and cinematic flair are all ingredients that greatly inform the talented producer’s artistic output.
If you are looking for emotions, feelings, and meanings in songs, apart from the euphoria in dance music, you definitely have to give Brainheart a go.
Brainheart is unbeatable when it comes to setting moods.Whether you are looking for a happy, sad, or melancholic mood, Brainheart always has something in his songs that makes you feel very connected with his music.
Brainheart’s vision and future are already creating an acknowledged impact in music.

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